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Dogs for good cause

Sosig Dogs are collection of 5000 unique weiner dogs, or as we call them 'sosig dogs'. Each dog has unique set of items, varying in rarity. With every purchase/trade you contribute to charity, 10% of income will be donated to charities chosen by the community of holders.

Who is the sosig dog? Heidi

This is Heidi, my pet and the sosig dog. She is very long and likes to eat (like most dogs). Her favourite toy is a squeaky chicken. The artwork was first used as an emote to share love on Twitch and now it has become an NFT collection.

Dachshund Health UK What charity?

We understand, how huge problem dachshunds have with Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD), in fact every fourth dauchshund may be affected by it at some stage in their lives. Thats why our first charity we picked is Dachshund Health UK, to support their research, education and screening programmes of IVDD.

What is NFT?




17 year old electronic student from Slovenia with a passion to use blockchain technology to share artwork and promote a good cause.




Law student, from Scotland. Passionate about cryptocurrencies. Helps with marketing the project.

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